We retouch, edit and enhance photographs. Restore and recover old and damaged photos. We also add special effects.


     Many times we take pictures which show up very well on our camera screen. However, they don't look that great once we download them into our computer.


The picture color is not as bright as we thought, there are unwanted objects like wires, traffic signals, people or vehicles which were not noticeable at first, but now they are very obvious. As well as personal appearance of skin spots, red eyes, wrinkles or yellow teeth.


These are just a few samples of why a picture will get lost in our computer hard drive instead of having it in a frame on our wall where it belongs. 


Luckily, these days we have a lot of tools to fix these problems.


If you don't have the extensive amount of time it takes, or you just don't know how, retokme.com can fix it for you.





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