Editing and retouching photographs


There are my different ways for editing and retouching photographs. We include in this category all editings or retouches that enhance a photo without altering the original image. So, under this category we will not alter backgrounds or special effects.


Retokme.com considers that general editing is the next:



- Correct red eyes

- Color enhancement

- Contrast enhancement

- Touch up of skin spots or wrinkles          

- Whitening of yellow teeth

- Other picture retouches...




  • How to order your edited and retouched photograph


Ordering your edited and retouched photograph is simple. just click on the Make order button and follow these steps:

1Log-in (register first if you haven't done so yet).

2Upload your photo . A pop-up window will ask you to write a comment telling us what you would like us to do with the picture.  We will email you shortly and let you know if what you want us to do is possible and the delivery date and the price.

3Proof the enhancements. We will send you a lower quality and watermarked picture. Then you let us know if you agree with the enhancements, or if you would like something else done. 

4Submit payment. Once you agree with the enhancements, you will receive a Paypal payment form to submit your payment. As soon as the payment is received you will receive your high quality photo without any watermark via email.

You will have your perfectly enhanced pictures ready to be enjoyed shortly.


See how easy it is, you send us the photo, we do all the work. Start your order now, just click on the Make order button.





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